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Shadowman: End Times – New Mini Escalates The Horror In The Valiant U



Pullbox Exclusive Variant by JEFF DEKAL
Variant Cover by DAVID MACK
$3.99/T+/40 pgs.

Just as everything in Jack Boniface’s life is coming together, from confronting his own inner demons and past crimes, to mastering the Shadowman Loa bound to his soul (see current issues of Shadowman for details!), it seems the sinister side of the Valiant universe is ready to devastate Jack’s very being. This April, Peter Milligan ( Hellblazer, Shade the Changing Man, Justice League Dark) and artist Valentine De Landro ( X-Factor, BTVS:Oz, Morbius) are going to change the course of Shadowman’s future. Milligan has always pushed the envelope when it comes to blending the horror and superhero genres, and Shadowman: End Times, promises to be one of his best efforts yet. Justin Jordan’s original run laid the ground work for the mystery and darkness that surrounds Jack Boniface, but Milligan is taking that foundation and building a big scary haunted house on it. With the rise of a new Pantheon of Voodoo Loa, the surprise reappearance of Jack’s father;the previous Shadowman, and of course the long-awaited return of Shadowman’s arch-nemesis (and one of my all time favorite villains) Master Darque, it looks like big changes are on the horizon for Valiant’s Voodoo Vigilante. As Milligan explains:
“I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that it’s unlikely if Shadowman could ever be the same again after this mini-series. As to what hope fans might have of Jack and Shadowman making it out of this adventure, I’ll quote Shelley: ‘Hope may vanish, but can die not,”
Working with Valentine De Landro, who has a perfect style of both use of shadow, and dynamic layouts, Milligan is evolving the Shadowman concept and establishing both him, and his villains as major forces in the greater scheme of the Valiant Universe. This is one mini-series that I’m sure will live up to all the hype attached to its release. Milligan is a master storyteller, and De Landro is fresh and innovative enough to keep pace with and enhance Milligan’s plot.
If you’re a fan of American Horror Story: Coven, this is the book for you! (and vice versa, if your reading Shadowman, you should definitely be watching American Horror Story this season!) Be there when Milligan and DeLandro break Shadowman down and build him back up again, this April!


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