Shadowman #5 - The Rise of Master Darque on stands March 6th! ~ What'cha Reading?

Shadowman #5 – The Rise of Master Darque on stands March 6th!



Jordan and Zircher keep on re-energizing Shadowman’s niche of the Valiant universe, bringing back classic villains like Master Darque, while introducing new supporting characters and antagonists that are sure to have a profound affect on Shadowman’s life.

The opening pages show a new, Fu-Man-Chu-ed, gun-toting servant of Baron Semedi.  The Baron, from my own personal voodoo research (none of your business!), is one of the four Loa, or Spirits who are guardians of the dead.

This unnamed assassin quickly takes out a high-ranking member of the Brethren, along with his armed bodyguards. The Brethren are a group of humans, mostly well-to-do captains of industry types, who serve and hope to resurrect Master Darque.

This seems like a good thing for our hero Jack Boniface, this generation’s Shadowman. As Earth’s guardian from intrusions from the Deadside, the realm in which Master Darque is currently trapped in, it would seem that Shadowman and Baron Semedi’s executioner should be allies.  I’m not going to hold my breath on that one, since there are four Loa of the dead, whose to say they’re serving the same one?

This is a good issue to sample the title, if you haven’t been getting it regularly, I’m pretty sure after you read this one you’ll go back and get the rest and probably add it to your pull-list. The quick “History of the Shadowmen” refresher course is a nice way to bring new readers up-to-date quickly. Jordan’s use of the reader learning as you go the same way Jack does is a fun aspect of the Shadowman title; it has just the right amount of exposition bracketed by riveting action sequences.

And if the story doesn’t grab you, check out these awesome covers:

The regular cover by Zircher is an awesome homage to the original Darque’s first appearance in Eternal Warrior #6 by the incomparible Barry Windsor Smith.

spacer(small) SM_005_COVER_ZIRCHERspacer eternal06

The pulllbox variant, using Valiant’s infamous black cover format (Solar #10 anyone?) looks grim, and a nice match to the full black variant of Shadowman #1.


spacer(small)  Shadowman01bl spacer solar10

And Dave Johnson’s Nosferatu-esque variant cover is just perfectly haunting.


Shadowman (2012-) #5

Writer: Jordan, Justin
Artist: Zircher, Patrick
Cover Artist: Zircher, Patrick
On Sale: March 06, 2013
Publisher: Valiant
Diamond Id: JAN131302
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 85899200307900511

Want some preview pages???? We got some!!!!

SM_005_001 SM_005_002 SM_005_003

spacer(small) SM_005_004 spacer SM_005_005

SM_005_006 SM_005_007 SM_005_008

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