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Shadowman #16 – The End Times are Near!!!


Shadowman #16 - The End Times are Near!!!Shadowman #16
Art & Cover by ROBERTO DE LA TORRE (JAN141374)
Variant Cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN (JAN141375)
$3.99/T+/32 pgs. ON SALE 3/19/14

A great and terrible loa of the Vodun pantheon is at large in the world of men…and its name is SHADOWMAN!

As Jack Boniface finds out he may have gotten more than he bargained for, by bonding with the Shadowman Loa. As it slowly gains control of Jack, mind, body and soul; an occurrence that is spreading fear though out the mystic underside of New Orleans. Hunted by his former allies, the Abettors, the Shadowman knows he can be killed, by killing the human he resides in before SM_016_VARIANT_DAUTERMAN-640x984fully bonded. Although Jack resists the Shadowman’s attempts at control, at the rise of a rival death god laying waste to New Orleans he might not have a choice! Will the fully empowered Shadowman save New Orleans…. or destroy the world!!!!!

Milligan and De La Torre bring us the final chapter in the Jack Boniface/Shadowman story…. just in time, for Shadowman: The End Times, a mini series that will re-define not only the titular character, but fear and horror in the Valiant Universe.

Prepare yourselves, Darque times are ahead!


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