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Shadowman #14 – Fear, Blood, and Shadows Darken the Valiant Universe



Peter Milligan and Roberto De La Torre’s acclaimed run on Valiant’s première horror title continues this issue, revealing more of Jack Boniface’s history.  Last issue we learned that nice-guy Jack isn’t all he seems. Turns out, Jack has a very violent past, with numerous incidents of assault and battery, and seeming periods of blackout rage. Now the Abettors, those sworn to help guide the Shadowman Loa and it’s host on its mission of vengeance, have decided Jack is too much of risk to be controlling the power, and must be eliminated. Alyssa, an Abettor who helped Jack when he first transitioned into the Shadowman, has other plans. She took Jack to an english swamp-witch (picture a punk female John Constantine living in the deep Bayou), to remove the Shadowman Loa from Jack, in the hopes that the Abettors would spare his life if it was Shadowman free.

After casting a spell meant to separate them, the swamp-witch attacks Jack attempting to kill the Shadowman Loa. Recognizing it as an ancient, bastard loa, cast out of the Voodoo pantheon and worshipped only by the lost and insane, that has evolved beyond her ability to remove. The witch tells Jack he can be saved, by another mystic he must find, but the Shadowman Loa’s influence is slowly gaining more and more influence on Jack’s personality. Will Jack be strong enough to resist and control the loa, or become a raving lunatic under its evil influence? Can Alyssa save him, or will generations of madness and possession be too much for Jack to handle?

Peter Milligan ( Hellblazer, Shade the Changing Man) has the experience and style to take Shadowman to the darker depths of horror, skirting the fine line between superhero and supernatural. Valiant has paired Roberto De La Torre with Milligan in what can only be an act of editorial genius. De La Torre’s art is moody, haunting, dark and gritty, everything you need to tell a Shadowman story. His atmospheric style and shadowy page layouts are stark examples of how to draw a horror comic. Each page deserves a second glance to capture all the subtlety he puts in his work. (See pages below to see if I’m lying! )
Follow Jack Boniface, The Shadowman in a story arc that will define the character for years to come!

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wpid-SM_014_004.jpg wpid-SM_014_005.jpgwpid-SM_014_VARIANT_SIG_SERIES.jpg

This issue also features a Valiant Signature Series cover by Bob Hall, artist from the original Shadowman series:

Shadowman #14
Writer: Milligan, Peter
Artist: De La Torre, Roberto
Cover Artist: De La Torre, Roberto
On Sale: January 08, 2014
Publisher: Valiant
Diamond Id: NOV131280
Price: $3.99
UPC: 85899200307901411

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