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Shadowman #10 – A Darque Destiny is Delivered!


Judging by the Stephane Perger cover of Shadowman #10, Shadowman and Master Darque have a lot more in common then we thought:


The impregnated albino-ess above, is none other than Sandria Darque, twin sister of our titular hero’s arch-nemesis Master Darque. And she is very pregnant, with what I’m guessing is the first Shadowman. Well “who’s the daddy?” you might ask, and I think we’re going to find out this issue.


Continuing from Shadowman # 0 , where Master Darque’s origin began, Justin Jordan and new comer Diego Bernard bring us the final link between, Darque and the legacy of Shadowman throughout the Boniface family tree. As seen in #0 and the preview pages below, Master Darque and his sister escaped their evil sorcerer father’s plantation after his death at his sons hands. In an attempt to gain entry into the Lyceum, a higher realm of mystical angel like beings, Darque’s father was prepared to sacrifice his daughter Sandria, but was thwarted by Nicodemo, her twin and the soon to be Master Darque.
From there on, the two traveled the a South wracked by civil war, using the powers taught to them by there father to survive.But Nicodemo’s practices grew darker and more disturbing, and so did is over-protectiveness of his twin sister, both actions send her sneaking off into the night to meet a certain someone… someone by the name of Boniface……..

SM_010_001 SM_010_002

SM_010_003 SM_010_004

Now this leads me to two possible conclusions, one is Jack Boniface, the current Shadowman, is the great great grand nephew of Master Darque… or equally as possible is the fact Nicodemo might catch wind of this relationship, and driven mad by his sister’s love for another, and the fact that he’s already a practioner of black magic and a little demented to begin with…. well you see where Im going with this right?  Is the Shadowman the spawn of  unwanted magical incest and a Boniface in name only? Ughhh I hope my first guess was right…….

Sorry for the gross out, but here are some cool variants to distract you:



Shadowman (2012-) #10

Writer: Jordan, Justin
Artist: De La Torre, Roberto

On Sale: September 04, 2013
Publisher: Valiant
Diamond Id: JUL131315
Format: COMIC
Price: PI
UPC: 85899200307901021

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