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Sergio Toppi’s ‘The Collector’ from Archaia


We often get caught up in the idea that the more elaborate something is, the more beautiful it is. The premise that less is more is equally valid, however. Sergio Toppi’s art, if you broke it down to its component parts, is little more than scribbles put in the right places, yet it works beautifully. Archaia has published the first English translation of his series The Collector and it is wonderful.

Sergio Toppi's 'The Collector' from Archaia

With the feel of a spaghetti western, The Collector follows the main character on his various adventures obtaining objects for his collection. He travels everywhere, from the States, to Afghanistan to Tibet in his searches. He gets into quite a bit of trouble along the way but somehow always manages to emerge, although not always unscathed.

The black and white style is nowhere near simplistic and suits the setting and the story quite well. I love westerns so the tone and setting of this appealed to me. I enjoyed each chapter on its own and all of them as a whole. I’m not familiar with the Italian Toppi’s work but I plan on seeking out more after reading this.

The Collector is definitely a 5 out of 5 stars. I’m not going to go into much detail on the story. I’ll let the interiors speak for themselves:

Collector_HC_PRESS-11 Collector_HC_PRESS-12 Collector_HC_PRESS-13

Collector_HC_PRESS-14 Collector_HC_PRESS-15 Collector_HC_PRESS-16

Collector_HC_PRESS-17 Collector_HC_PRESS-18 Collector_HC_PRESS-19

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