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Sentinels #1- A New Generation of Superheroes!


Sentinels #1- A New Generation of Superheroes!I picked up Sentinels #1 because the description sounded intriguing: “Sentinels is the story of a second generation superhero team whose parents disappeared when they were young. As they step into their new roles as heroes and struggle to take charge of their lives, they get pulled into the mystery of what happened to the first generation.” Hopeful that this would have a similar feel to Young Avengers, but having no prior knowledge of the parent team of Sentinels superheroes, this seemed like a good jumping-on point. And while certain things were set up as an intro comic (such as giving each member’s superhero name as well as their actual name), some things about the overall storyline had me a little…confused.

There is obviously a lot of back-story going on here. One of the problems I had as a newbie to the Sentinels team who knew nothing about them is that the back-story is played out very, very slowly. We’re told that the current generation of Sentinels has already disbanded at the start of the comic, for reasons unknown. Apparently they were assembled and trained by Templar and have fought together before. They’ve apparently had run-ins with a demon named Damien before as well, who happens to be the father of two other beings with super-powers, Gospel and Sin, and Templar seems to have issues with Sin.

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Damien has plans for his children, and his battle against the Sentinels to get at Sin forms the main action of the book. It’s also where things get interesting because we’re not trying to piece together the back-story, we’re just dealing with what happens next. The art for this section of the book is particularly fun, with lots of vibrant colors standing out against dark backgrounds. I’m still left with a lot of questions though. I get the feeling that the artistic team will answer some of my questions over the course of the rest of the series, because it’s clear that they have sewn plot seeds throughout this issue, but I wanted more answers up front. Why does Templar have an issue with Sin, who seems to be struggling against his father’s demonic presence? Why did the Sentinels break up in the first place? Being dropped in the middle of the action is a legitimate story structure, but I wanted a little more information in this book rather than having to wait for future issues. I’m giving it 3 out of 5 Lightning Bolts.

Writer: Benatovech, Rich
Artist: Vecchio, Lucciano
On Sale June 04, 2014
Publisher: Drumfish Productions
Diamond Id:
Format: COMIC
Price: $.99

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