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Sensory Distortion – Bleeding Ink Comics – Kickstarter Project with 11 days to go!


Jesse Grillo – Writer and Creator
David Brame – Pencil and Inks
Heather Breckel – Coloring
Cary Kelly – Lettering

The other day I stumbled across a Kickstarter project for a comic called Sensory Distortion. This story was originally written as a movie script, it won awards, was optioned then fell into development hell (as the books creator puts it) until he decided to write it as a comic book.

This is a really good comic.

From the Kickstarter page: “The story is about a group of college kids in New Mexico that take a Native American drug that unlocks deepest deepest fears. Each of the college students must face their fear or else it will consume them. Can a teenager and his grandfather from the local Indian reservation find them and save them in time? Or will their fear consume them?”

This is 88 pages of tense page turning suspense, action, and horror. I’ve been reading a lot of horror comics lately. Titles from Image (No Place Like Home), and Dark Horse (Alabaster Wolves) to name a few. This book goes toe to toe with those titles and more than a few others. It plays out like a good horror movie, giving us a build up that pays off with some really freaky violent craziness at the end.

There’s only a handful of characters in the whole story, but most are really well fleshed out, the six college kids who wind up taking this one way trip to hell are familiar but they’re not stereotypical. And though Karen is our main character we get a really good feel for the other five. The supporting cast is interesting enough that you wish they’re would have been more of them. The Indian boy and his Grandfather especially. I guess that’s really the only thing I have against this book, even at eighty eight pages it still felt too short! I know that’s close to the length of a four issue mini series but I wish it would’ve been seven, or ten.

This isn’t the only thing I’ve come across from Jesse Grillo but it is the first thing I’ve read by him. Be sure I’ll be checking out more of his stuff.

David Brame‘s art is cool, loose, detailed and can be very creepy. His layouts work well, the story flows really smoothly. Cary Kelly’s colors lend a moodiness to Brame’s pencils and she doesn’t take away from Brame’s brushstrokes.

Pick up this book. Go to kickstarter give him the $5 and wait patiently for your digital copy. Then come back and tell me what you think, I’ll be waiting.

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