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Review by Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

Secundus: Part I

The Gladiator and the Magician


On the very day a skilled gladiator earns his freedom, he faces an unexpected challenge!

Lately I have read a great many independent comic books from some really talented people. So today as I recuperate from a huge Memorial Day BBQ I started to read this title Secundus part 1. To start off with I love simple stories and I hope that after you read my review you go on Comixology and read this comic book for yourself. Secundus  is about to fight his last match before he is set free ( you know how this typical Gladiator stuff goes)  Watching him is a great leader trying to impress his concubine with tales of Secundus and how he always “fights two” and has never lost a battle to the death yet! Secundus is triumphant in his battle against his masked opponent and spares his life, but a magician challenges him to his “second fight” and Secundus takes him on.


I hate spoilers on a book like this so I will not tell you what occurs after. I really loved this book for how it just screams “READ ME!”  Is it like 300? No. Is the art top of the shelf? No again.
What it is and what it does right are pretty simple and yet strong.
A: Give an engaging story
B: Make it a fun and simple premise.
This book does both, it could have used some better choices of panel design but other than that after I reading this book I’m hoping for a part 2.

For as simple a book as you get it is a solid 3/5 so head over to Comixology and download it today !

Secundus Part 1:
Written by: Mike Thomas
Art by: Mike Thomas
Genre: Fantasy/Mythology
Page Count: 32 Pages
Digital Release Date: 05/22/2013
Age Rating: 15+ Only

*Hey guess what! According to his blog Mike Thomas says Secundus Part 2 is almost ready! Check out a sample page or two here*
– Chuck the editor monkey

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