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Second Look – Shutter #1 – Joe Keating, Leila Del Duca


I’ve decided to start a new recurring feature. Issues that I loved from the previous week’s purchases. These will not be titles I’ve reviewed already. Instead they will be things I picked up randomly or stand out issues of series I purchase every month. For one reason or another these titles will be something I think you should give a second look when you’re in your comic store buying this week’s issues.

First up, Shutter, which came out last Wednesday from Image.

Second Look - Shutter #1 - Joe Keating, Leila Del Duca

Many years ago I loved a comic by James Robinson called “Leave it to Chance”. It was the story of a 14 year old girl who wanted to follow in the family tradition of fighting supernatural forces but is discouraged from doing so by her father who believes only males should carry on the fight. Chance goes right ahead and does it anyway. This is one of my favorite series of all time and had, sadly, far too short a run. I’ve wondered from time to time over the years, what Chance would have been like when she grew up. I think she would have been something like Kate Kristopher.

Kate comes from a long line of adventurers and happily is encouraged to continue the tradition from an early age by her dad. Flashback scenes show her having all kinds of adventures but when we join her now, on her 27th birthday, her life appears to have taken a turn for the mundane. It’s unclear why although I suspect her father’s death had something to do with it. It seems that adventure isn’t done with her yet, however as she is in all kinds of trouble by the end of the issue.

I adored Shutter. It made me warm and fuzzy at first, Dad and daughter things usually do, I am the consummate Daddy’s girl. As the story went on I was dying to know what got Kate to where she is, why she seems burnt out at 27 and what it’s going to take to reinvigorate her. I liked that she didn’t seem to be a complete basket case just a wounded warrior. It made her feel familiar and relatable. I almost missed my stop on the train I was so engrossed in this book and it was over way too quickly! A sentiment shared by my geek girl sisters, Rosemary and Julie when I forced them both to read it.

I’m giving five out of five stars to Shutter. Do yourself a favor, pick it up today. You’ll be glad you did.

Shutter #1
Writer: Keatinge, Joe
Artist: Del Duca, Leila
Cover Artist: Rios, Emma
On Sale: April 09, 2014
Publisher: Image
Diamond Id: FEB140491
UPC: 70985301600700141

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