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Second Look Review – Hexed #1


It’s curious how teenaged or young adult girls have become the heroes du jour. Is it simply trying to recreate the magic of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Perhaps it’s something deeper. Those years are where we have the most potential. We haven’t yet come up with a life plan or even know what we truly want to be. In potential there is power and maybe young women and older women, like myself, appreciate stories that explore the power of that time of life in a completely different way or maybe we just like to see girls who kick ass! Luci definitely fits the bill either way.

Second Look Review - Hexed #1Lucifer “Luci” Jennifer Inacio Das Neves is a thief for hire, with a little extra. She’s got a supernatural edge that makes her better than the rest. She has a mentor who cares deeply for her and tries to channel all that power and energy in a positive direction plus keep her charge out of trouble. That is a tall order when it comes to Luci. In the first issue of her new ongoing series Luci steals a painting that is more than it seems to be. She ends up releasing a rather pissed of, though attractive, demon of some sort and that’s just the start of her troubles.

I enjoyed the Hexed collectionin its previous incarnation. I was very sorry that there was only the one. I wanted to know more about this girl and the adventures she has. I was thrilled when Boom! announced that they were relaunching it. I’m pleased to say I was not disappointed at all. Luci is still badass. She makes the dangerous situations she gets herself into look like a blast! I enjoy her interactions with her mentor and how she deals with the harsh realities of her existence. The art is good, colorful and helps immerse you in the story. I was very disappointed when I reached the last page and realized I had to wait a month for more.

I’m giving Hexed 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a great start to what looks to be a fun series. If you missed it when it came out go check it out when you pick up this week’s comics. You’ll be glad you did.


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Hexed #1
Writer: Nelson, Michael Alan
Artist: Mora, Dan
Cover Artist: Rios, Emma
On Sale August 13, 2014
Publisher BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: JUN140934
Price: $3.99
UPC: 84428400403900111

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