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SDCC DC Collectibles Edition Pt. 1


DC Collectibles, after a successful press event, preview night, and opening day at SDCC, have officially unveiled their upcoming lineup of statues, action figures, and collectibles for the masses to enjoy.  While there was no photography of certain items, everything else was released and we have the pictures and facts for you here.  We, at What’cha Reading, are big fans of DC Collectibles and their lineup looks strong for the this year and next.

SDCC DC Collectibles Edition Pt. 1 BvS_DoJ_Batman_Statue_559b63c868ceb6.11165082 BvS_DoJ_Superman_Statue_559b644e67c8d2.01878220

While we reported on the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice statues yesterday (you could find the link here), we now know that both Batman and Superman will release in January, with the Armored Batman releasing in March.

DC Collectibles unveiled a hilarious commercial for their hit Batman: The Animated Series line of figures.  It’s a marvelous throwback to the toy commercials of the 80’s and early 90’s.  The commercial also features two cameos that provide massive comic relief.  I don’t want to spoil it so just see for yourself.  The 90 second commercial will play on t.v. this summer and was produced in conjunction with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the studio behind Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.


It’s also worth noting that we are getting a few additions to the Batman animated line with figures of Commissioner Gordon, Ra’s Al Ghul, Zatanna, Etrigan, and Klarion.

BM_ANIMATED_23_Gordon_AF_559b624aad5dd8.29123066 BM_ANIMATED_24_Ras_AF_559b62cf6b5a18.30112954 BM_ANIMATED_25_Animated_AF_559b6307c567a7.47722089 BM_ANIMATED_26_EtriganKlarion_AF_559b636ec36838.69146984

Stay tuned for more coverage this weekend.

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