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Science Getaways, cool new vacation idea…


While reading a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal ( strip tonight I saw a link posted by (I believe) Zach Weiner (@ZachWeiner) for Science Getaways “Vacation With Your Brain”. This has to be the coolest idea ever, go somewhere, on vacation and learn stuff! Yup, not go somewhere lay by a pool then go shopping, actually do things! Interesting things!

Here’s the next trip they’re offering:

“The next Science Getaways vacation is Science Ranch 2012. This is a 4 or 5 night all-inclusive ranch resort vacation beginning September 16, 2012. We’ll be staying at the beautiful C Lazy U Guest Ranch in Granby, Colorado. We’ll have lectures and field trips with an astronomer, a geologist and a biologist, as well as stargazing, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, swimming, and much more. There’s no pressure on this vacation. You can do as much or as little as you like – and it’s all right outside your door!”

What’s the best part? As I’m reading this out loud my wife says “send me that site”, which of course I immediately do! Here’s hoping!

Needless to say click some links, go check them out!

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