Satan's Hollow #2: All Tunnels Lead To Hell

Satan’s Hollow #2: All Tunnels Lead to Hell


Satan's Hollow #2: All Tunnels Lead to HellLast month, Zenescope premiered its newest title Satan’s Hollow which tells the story of newlyweds John and Sandra Ward who move into the small town of Blue Ash, Ohio and find themselves in the middle of an investigation revolving around the disappearance of two boys in an area called Satan’s Hollow.  On the surface, it looked like two boys wandered too far into the woods but Sandra thinks there is something more involved, something very evil. Will she live to tell the tale of what she sees in the hollow or will she be the next victim of whatever is down there?

Satan’s Hollow has certainly raised the bar in terms of comic book themes and images.  As the cover says, this is for mature readers and certainly has more adult elements and contents than their usual titles.  However, it is just as good as their usual titles because not only is it Zenescope, but it’s a subject matter that is rarely touched upon.  It reads like a case from the X-Files if it dealt with cult followings instead of aliens.  Joe Brusha does great work and knows how to write a gripping and entertaining story that flows well and keeps the reader engaged.  Allan Otero’s artwork is fantastic and the colors of Fran Gamboa and J.C. Ruiz added to the dark nature of the book.  Ivan Nunes and Anthony Spay put out a great cover which advertises the book so well and makes onlookers jump at the site of this devil woman with hoofed feet.

As you all probably know by now, I am one of Zenescope’s biggest fans.  They are a great company with a very personable staff that includes writer Pat Shand and Director of Sales and Marketing, John Lyons, both of whom I have been able to interview about all things Zenescope.  Aside from visiting your local comic book shop to pick up Satan’s Hollow #2, be on the look out for the newest Zenbox, the company’s mail-order VIP package which includes great items and box-only exclusives.

Satan’s Hollow #2
Written by Joe Brusha
Artwork by Allan Otero
Colors by Fran Gamboa and J.C. Ruiz
Cover by Ian Nunes and Anthony Spay
25 pages

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