Satan's Hollow #1: The Devil Is In Ohio

Satan’s Hollow #1: The Devil Is In Ohio


SatanHollow00cvrZenescope Entertainment has given us great titles such as Robyn Hood, Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales.  There is a new title to add to the list, Satan’s HollowSatan’s Hollow is an underground area in the woods of Blue Ash, Ohio.  According to legend, a Satanic cult practiced their rituals in the area.  One day, two young teenagers visit the Hollow looking for ghosts when one of them is taken by an evil spirit.  The next morning, John and Sandra Ward see a police presence in a supermarket parking lot.  When they hear about what had happened they offer to help in the search.  What Sandra doesn’t know is there’s a bigger secret in Satan’s Hollow waiting to be revealed.

It’s only the first issue but Satan’s Hollow is shaping up to be a suspenseful title.  Even though there was not much given away yet, you can feel the plot thicken and the story building.  The ending of this issue is shocking but leaves the reader wanting to know more.  Joe Brusha wrote this issue well and you can feel the goosebumps as you read it.  Allan Otero’s artwork along with the colors of Fran Gamboa and J.C. Ruiz make the images just as haunting as the story itself.  Caio Cacau’s cover is visually striking and gives the reader an idea of the story before they even read it.

SatanHollow01 SatanHollow02

I cannot wait for issue two.  The series reads like a horror suspense thriller.  There’s nothing straightforward happening but I could feel the tension building.  I was waiting for something to happen when Sandra helped investigate the Hollow to search for the missing boy.  The ending of this issue was wild and I can only imagine what will happen next.  Satan’s Hollow is another Zenescope must-read.

SatanHollow03a SatanHollow04

Satan’s Hollow #1
Written by Joe Brusha
Artwork by Allan Otero
Colors by Fran Gamboa and J.C. Ruiz
Cover by Caio Cacau
25 pages

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