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Samurai Jack #3 on stands 12/18 – Check out the Preview!


SJ-03-cvrI never read Samurai Jack before. Ok I’ve never watched or read Samurai Jack before. In 2001 (when the show premiered on Cartoon Network) I was in my young married house party phase, there wasn’t much Cartoon Network happening those days. That didn’t start for me for nearly two more years and Adult Swim’s Sealab 2021 and The Venture Brothers were more my speed.

If the show was written half as well as Jim Zub is writing the comic it seems I missed out. This comic is tight. Well paced, intelligent, and witty. The plot so far…

SJ-03-00So we have a Samurai stranded in a future where an evil rules all and he’s tasked himself not only with getting home but also ridding the world of the darkness that is Aku! It reminds me a little of Kung Fu (tv show that ran from 1972 – 75). Jack wanders the land finding his way and helping those he comes across. In a world where most books show violence for violence sake this is a book I look forward to sharing with my son.

SJ-03-01 SJ-03-02

SJ-03-03 SJ-03-04 SJ-03-05

SJ-03-06 SJ-03-07

 I think Gloer summed up my feelings nicely; “I have a keen eye for recognizing good people. I can tell you are a warrior of integrity and purpose.” This book is a definite 4 out 5. I look forward to seeing Jack’s further adventures.

Samurai Jack #3
Writer: Zub, Jim
Artist: Suriano, Andy
Cover Artist: Suriano, Andy
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400518900311
Age: 8-11 (Cartoon Violence)
On Sale: December 18, 2013
Publisher: IDW
Diamond Id: OCT130362

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