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Salvagers: The Wreck Raiders Part 1 Delivers!


Looking for a solid Scifi Indie Book? Salvagers: The Wreck Raiders Part 1 Delivers!

Salvagers: The Wreck Raiders Part 1Of course you’re looking for a solid sci-fi indie book, and so am I. We’ve talked about this. You guys know what I look for in an indie book. Solid professional art coupled with a well paced interesting story.

Salvagers continues to deliver that and more. Bob Salley has brought a new team on for the next arc in the adventures of Harrier’s Salvage and he has chosen wisely. Artist Chris Gevenois has a markedly different style than George Acevedo but he quickly put his mark on the book. Chris, along with colorist Fahriza Kamaputra and letterer HdE, have kept the spirit, feel, and quality of a series whose first 4 issues I loved.

Jump into an adventure…

Haven’t checked out Salvagers yet? Let me give you the lowdown. “Salvagers is a sci-fi adventure set in a post-war galaxy in the far future. The war has left derelict ships and bases scattered throughout the star systems, a perfect opportunity for a licensed crew to make a profit, but there’s no shortage of violence and danger out on the fringe. We join Harrier Salvage Company, a crew of four that have some obvious history and some deep interpersonal debts and connections.”  () In issue 5 we start a new chapter in the story of the Harrier IV crew. The last “WRECK” they stripped contained more then they bargained for and they don’t even know what they have! Now there are forces closing in looking to retrieve the item that has wound up in their possession. And these guys mean business.

What makes it work.

Bob Salley has achieved something very few independently published books achieve. Salvagers obviously has a huge fully though out universe to operate in but Bob gets that the reader doesn’t need tons of exposition to feel comfortable in it. He lets the story dictate how much the reader needs to know. It’s refreshing in a medium where even some of the biggest publishers have books that read like a Tolkien novel. If I want 80 pages of scene setting and exposition there are a ton of 70’s and 80’s sci-fi I can chew on. Instead Bob gives us solid characters with a purpose and good strong interactions that further the plot as well as entertain.

And let’s not forget the art.

As I said before Salvagers: The Wreck Raiders Part 1 is the first in the series to feature the new artist Chris Gevenois and colorist Fahriza Kamaputra. Now as a fan of the book since issue #1 it took me a moment to…accept… their take on these characters who I know and love I’ll admit the book looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for future issues. Here’s a peek at some pages we were sent…

Salvagers502 Salvagers503

This was a book that I picked up at NYCC, and have followed every issue since. I back it on Kickstarter, buy it on comixology and hunt Bob Salley down in comic book conventions. The books are worth it and he’s an indie creator out there getting the job done. Check out his stuff. You can find the series at the Salvagers site, along with some cool merchandise. And check it out soon, the next issue is coming!

Salvagers: The Wreck Raiders Part 1 gets a 5 out of 5.


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