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Salvagers #2 – Next Big Sci-Fi Hit? NYCC’14 Reviews


Looking For The Next Big Sci-Fi Hit? Salvagers just might be it.

Artist Alley was great this year, after attending/covering NYCC for as many years as I have (NYCC since 2008) you start to think you’re not going to notice anything new. Every year you get surprised.

Salvagers #2 - Next Big Sci-Fi Hit? NYCC'14 Reviews

Salvagers is a sci-fi adventure set in a post-war galaxy in the far future. The war has left derelict ships and bases scattered throughout the star systems, a perfect opportunity for a licensed crew to make a profit, but there’s no shortage of violence and danger out on the fringe. And sometimes? There’s more to a simple salvage than meets the eye…

We join Harrier Salvage Company, a crew of four that have some obvious history and some deep interpersonal debts and connections. When one of the crew gets in a jam the captain and crew take on a very dangerous salvage with some wild results.

I liked this book a lot. Robert Salley has a great instinct for world building and this universe feels big and complete. The occasional foray too deep into sci-fi vernacular not withstanding (let’s face it some of the best sci-fi authors of our time like to make up too many new words) his plot and characters are worth taking the journey with. The book flows well, you definitely want to know why this mission seems so out of whack and how they’re ever going to get their crew mate out of hot water. And just when you’ve settled in and are ready to get more story it ends, like all good stories, leaving you wanting more.

But fear not, this book isn’t all plot. The art is definitely a star here as well. George’s work is detailed and imaginative, his characters well realized and his bad guys creepy (one type of robot especially, this sort of dog/man hybrid, thanks for that George).

While I love discussing plot I always prefer to show off art.

Salvagers2-00 Salvagers issue #1 page 21

Salvagers issue #1 page 21 Salvagers issue #1 page 21

Yup that’s it. You want more you buy the book.

What else do you need, space, gambling, killer robots, a ragtag crew, an overarching feeling of something going on in the background of it all. If Robert and George can keep it going they have a really cool series on their hands. Guess I’ll have to wait till a little later in the year to see if issue 3 stacks up (the kickstarter for issue 3 ended in August).

Just in case you were wondering if it’s all guns and aliens consider this image…

Salvagers03That’s Teagan. Seems she’s the pilot. Yea told you George was good.

Salvagers #2
Written by Robert Salley
Art by: George Acevedo
Colors by: Delfine Siobhan-Kanashii

Get your copy digitally at DriveThruComics or in print from

As you may have noticed, due to my buddy Julie’s comment, I neglected to give Salvagers #2 a rating. This is a second issue, and I reviewed it because it is the stronger of the first two. As a stand alone issue I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. This is a better than average story with really good art. As a series? I guess we’ll see when issue three comes out…


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