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Salvagers #4 – The Action and Adventure Continue!


Salvagers #4 - The Action and Adventure Continue!Salvagers is a sci-fi adventure starring a rag-tag crew who salvage derelict ships out on the galactic rim. There’s mystery and intrigue and complex characters, but more than that I think this book is truly a fun read. Plotted like a cool action flick the story unfolds quickly without giving too much away. Issue 4 starts off with a quick (1 page) recap and then launches us into a cat and mouse game that sees our crew chased through a deserted ship by some bad-ass security robots. Writer Bob Salley weaves the complimentary stories of the crew, separated around the ship, effortlessly and you feel more like you’re watching the action than reading it. His characters cover the archetypes, there’s the captain Bill Roenick, who is tough and sure but not exactly beyond thinking he might have lost this one, the smart ass tech guy Brigby, who is the cause for all this trouble their in, the tough guy Ty’r who may be a bit thick but he gets the job done, and Teagan the alien pilot who’s more than a little gorgeous but they don’t look or act cookie-cutter. I remember reading the first issue, I was impressed by how quickly I accepted and liked this crew. It felt as though I’d been reading this book for years. That’s how you hook a reader, and create a fan.

If you haven’t checked out Salvagers yet (really? Why?) you can head over to comixology and start from issue 1! Or if you’re already an honorary crew member then get to issue 4 immediately! The last page shows that the story is just beginning. I for one can’t wait to see what’s next!

Check out some of the stunning artwork from issue 4…

Salvagers issue #1 page 21 Salvagers issue #1 page 21 Salvagers issue #1 page 21

Those two panels of Ty’r getting ready to get into it are just great! The whole comic is just cool layouts with dynamic art, Salvagers gets a solid 4 out 5!

Salvagers #4

Abandoned Cargo – Summary
With their backs to the wall, the crew has one shot at survival aboard the warship. Will they make it out or will dreaded Blackbane droids finally terminate them. Found out here, in the conclusion of Abandoned Cargo!
[Age Rating: 12+] [High Definition]

Publisher: Think Alike Productions
Written by Robert Salley
Art by George Acevedo
Colored by DeSiKa
Lettered by HdE Ponsonby-Jones
Edited by Chris Ludena

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