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Salvagers #3, You’ve been reading this series right?


Salvagers #3, You've been reading this series right?A couple of months ago I came across Salvagers’ Bob Salley in New York Comic Con’s Artist Alley and his pitch (and a great looking book) were enough to put issues one and two in my hands. As I mentioned in my previous review (Salvagers #2 – Next Big Sci-Fi Hit? NYCC’14 Reviews) issue one was a little rough but the story (and art) really came together in issue two. Bob was gracious enough to send over issue three recently and the book just keeps getting better. Here’s a quick bit to get you up to speed…

“Salvagers is a sci-fi adventure set in a post-war galaxy in the far future. The war has left derelict ships and bases scattered throughout the star systems, a perfect opportunity for a licensed crew to make a profit, but there’s no shortage of violence and danger out on the fringe. And sometimes? There’s more to a simple salvage than meets the eye…”

In issue 3 we see that this is definitely more than a simple salvage, it’s one hell of a coincidence that Brigby happened to owe some gangsters money, and he happened to work on a salvage ship, and there just happens to be this cherry job waiting for someone to come along. Things are never that easy. When the crew turns on the auxiliary power and is greeted by some (insanely cool) robot security guards it’s obvious that things are going to go pear-shaped, this ship has the kind of military surplus that doesn’t just get left lying around. So why was it  left out here in the first place and is it a coincidence that this crew caught this job? Here check out a preview of issue three…

Salvagers issue #3-01 Salvagers issue #3-02 Salvagers issue #3-03

Salvagers issue #3-04 Salvagers issue #3-05 Salvagers issue #3-06

 As I’ve mentioned before, the characters are well written (and well developed) the plot is interesting and George Acevedo‘s art is solid. You should buy this book. This is indie comics done right.

You can purchase all three issues of Salvagers here, or from creator Bob Salley himself at any number of conventions, and later this year expect to see Salvagers in comic shops and on comixology via Think Alike Productions. According to their instagram feed the expected comixology release date for Salvagers #1 is March 4th!


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