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Rowans Ruin – Classic Horror From BOOM! Studios


Rowans Ruin - Classic Horror From BOOM! StudiosRowans Ruin #1 (of 4)

Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Mike Perkins

Finally! A horror book that’s scary instead of gruesome, though I have a feeling the gruesome is on it’s way. The story is about a house, a family, and a haunting. It’s told from the perspective of a young woman “borrowing” the house. The house in question is a beautiful old house, called Rowans Rise, in the heart of the English countryside. It’s a beautiful house but it’s got dark secrets. Writer Mike Carey has given us a classic horror movie plot, spooky house, mysterious murders, the glimpse of something horrible and it works really well. Mike Perkins pencils are dead on and the colors are a rich and totally creepy where appropriate. This series is a great fit for fans of good old fashioned horror.

Enjoy this preview courtesy of BOOM! Studios and be sure to pick it up in your local shop on 10/7/15

Rowans_Ruin_001_D_Variant Rowans_Ruin_001_PRESS-2

Rowans_Ruin_001_PRESS-3 Rowans_Ruin_001_PRESS-4


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From BOOM! Studios

What’s to Love: The team of Mike Carey (Suicide Risk, The Unwritten) and Mike Perkins (Deathlok) come together for the first time since 2005’s Spellbinders for a taut horror thriller set in their native England. If you’re a fan of horror films like Insidious and The Conjuring, or comics like Curse and Nailbiter, you’ll love how Rowans Ruin unfolds as it slowly clues you in on the terrifying secret that is at the heart of the story.

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