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Malice in Ovenland – Explore a Wonderful (but greasy) Secret World!


I was looking through my “In Case You Missed It” pile – a not unsubstantial one, these days – and realized I totally dropped the ball on this title back in August, so here I am, hoping to do right by this book, because it deserves to be read.

Malice in Ovenland - Explore a Wonderful (but greasy) Secret World!Lilly Brown is a young girl from Queens, New York – representing the hometown! – who’s really not having a great summer. Her best friend is off visiting family in Colorado, and her mom is helping Lily’s aunt with her new baby, leaving Lily home alone to clean the house and water the vegetables in her mother’s garden. Remembering the days before her mother ate healthier, she’s thinking about all the awesome fast food and junk food she ate, as she grouses and cleans up. But it’s the stove that causes the problem – Lily loses an earring, and when she goes into the stove to retrieve it, she finds herself drawn into a secret world INSIDE THE STOVE. Not only that, but she’s quickly taken prisoner and taken to the queen, while feeling very much like a French fry. Hey, it’s a stove, it’s greasy in there.

This book kicks off what looks to be a great re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland, set in an urban environment and featuring a multicultural heroine. At a time where the #WeNeedDiverseBooks is making a tremendous impact in the publishing and library industries, this book is needed and wanted by readers and people like me, who want to get good comics into kids’ hands. Tweens and teens will love this book, and comics fans should support this book because it’s just a good story with very cool artwork. I love the interpretation of Ovenland, with grease permeating everything and the found items that populate the world.

There’s only one issue of Malice out so far, and you can buy it digitally for only $1.99 at Rosarium’s online store. Check out your copy today and get ready to look at your own stove a little more critically! And while you’re at it, show some love over at the Ovenland Facebook page.

Writer: Micheline Hess
Artist: Micheline Hess
Publisher: Rosarium
Price: $1.99
On-Sale: Available now

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