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Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates – Heartwarming & Hilarious


I have always loved comic strips. In the Sunday papers when I was little, in collections when I got older and on the web now. I especially enjoy them when they depict scenes from real life with a bit of a twist. They can be heartwarming, heartbreaking and/or downright hilarious. MJ Wallace’s autobiographical comic “Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates” is of the heartwarming and hilarious variety.

Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates - Heartwarming & Hilarious

The collection opens with MJ having just broken up with her boyfriend. Over a few strips she vows to give up on dating, until she gets contacted on Facebook by a friend of a friend. She’s intrigued enough to meet up with him. There are minor hiccups in the beginning but the chemistry is there immediately and the two embark on a sweet, funny and geeky relationship.

I cannot fully explain how much I enjoyed this collection. I was grinning like an idiot reading it on my commute into work and laughing out loud on occasion. I loved MJ and Ryan and enjoyed their discovery of each other and growing affection. Their interplays were enjoyable and appealing to my geeky self. Don’t we all want someone we can relax and geek out with? The moment where Ryan texted this to MJ:

“A wild MJ appeared :D”

“Throws pokeball.”

…I was done for. I’d fallen for both of them. Also Ryan is depicted as a bear, by request. This pleased me to no end for some reason.

rollerskates 2

I’m giving “Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates” five out of five stars. I found it flawless. It definitely put me in happy frame of mind at the start of my day. I love dark, edgy things but sometimes bright and funny are just as important and enjoyable. Treat yourself to this collection and you’ll see what I mean.

Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates is available in MJ Wallace’s Etsy shop.

You can also find strips not included in the collection on her tumblr.

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