Robyn Hood #20 Goes Out Fighting in Final issue

Robyn Hood #20 Goes Out Fighting in Final Issue


Robyn Hood #20 Goes Out Fighting in Final IssueRobyn Hood has seen, and fought, it all throughout her four-year run as one of Zenescope’s classic characters.  She was brought to Myst to save Nottingham where she met Marian Quin who is a witch.  When she saves Nottingham, Robyn and Marian search for a new life in New York.  Unfortunately, nothing has changed.  Robyn, Marian and their friends must contend with the Cabal, a secret society which vows to control the city and bring about the end of the world.  In this final issue, Robyn, Marian and the others make their final stand against the Cabal to defeat them once and for all.

The title of this issue is “F@#$ing Riot” and it’s clear to see why.  Pat Shand sent this series off well by giving us an all-out free-for-all of a story.  Brendan confronts his father, Marian and Sam make a special announcement and blood flows when Robyn confronts the Cabal and the Four Horsemen.  Keep an eye out for when Robyn refers Cindy to Britney Waters, who happens to be Red Agent, another Zenescope character.  Roberta Ingranata gives us great artwork once again, which combined with Slamet Mujiono’s colors, brings the chaotic final issue to life in our imaginations.

Robyn Hood may have ended, but it is not goodbye.  She will return in an annual issue coming in May which will tie up everything that happened at the conclusion of this issue and series.  I enjoy Robyn Hood and all of the other Zenescope titles.  They are fun to read with action, adventure, magic and witty humor.  Zenescope is great at creating and featuring strong female characters which we are seeing a lot of in today’s comics.  Don’t be sad that this is robyn’s final issue because according to director of sales and marketing John Lyons, she will be back again very soon.

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Robyn Hood #20
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Roberta Ingranata
Colors by Slamet Mujiono
45 pages

On store shelves 3/23/16 Grab your copy at your local comic shop.

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