Rob Liefeld + Image = BLOODSTRIKE Announcement! ~ What'cha Reading?

Rob Liefeld + Image = BLOODSTRIKE Announcement!

Rob Liefeld + Image = BLOODSTRIKE Announcement!

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Rob Liefeld.  Love him?  Hate him?  We all know how important he is to the comic industry and that this little known character named Deadpool is a product of his imagination.  I’d like to point out that his collaboration with Marvel Comics and Paramount Comics way back in 1995 produced the cover for Mission: Impossible movie one-shot.  It was an issue that served as my first introduction to one-shots and to Mr. Liefeld, himself.  (I proudly own three copies.)

Image Comics announced today that Rob Liefeld will be bringing readers an all new first issue this July – BLOODSTRIKE.  It hits your local comic book shop’s shelves July 8th and can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAY150484. The final order cut-off deadline for retailers is Monday, June 15.

Based on the press release, we think this may be a title you’ll want to check out.  And anyone that could point out which comic the cover for Bloodstrike issue 1 references and I’ll buy you ice-cream.  Leave your comments below.


Liefeld’s new ongoing series offers an addition to the Extreme Universe

Legendary comics writer Rob Liefeld (YOUNGBLOOD, COVENANT, Deadpool) brings readers an all new ongoing series in BLOODSTRIKE #1. The new series will offer a lively romp and display a more mature side to Liefeld than fans have previously experienced.

In BLOODSTRIKE #1 a new recruit to the Bloodstrike program (his identity as a mystery man from the historical Extreme Universe is soon to be revealed) struggles on a covert mission and loses his life as well as his junk to the mysterious Tragedy Ann.

“After 28 years in the wonderful comic book business, the stories I’m interested in creating are stories that take you on a wild ride. Otherwise, why bother?” said Liefeld.  Bloodstrike is by far the wildest ride I’ve ever produced and continues concepts and characters I introduced at Image when this amazing company launched. It is a decidedly more contemporary take and is intended for mature readers and will be labeled as such. Very excited to get this out to the public for their consumption!”

BLOODSTRIKE #1 hits stores on July 8 and can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAY150484. The final order cut-off deadline for retailers is Monday, June 15.


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