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Rhode Island Comic Con – Saturday Events


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. – “The Biggest Show in the Smallest State” has returned for this weekend in Providence.  This is the fourth year for Rhode Island Comic Con and the first time for us.  We’ve been to several shows this year; from circus sized spectaculars such as New York Comic Con to more family friendly oriented like Wizard World Pittsburgh.  Rhode Island Comic Con is the perfect mixture of both and is currently providing pop-culture fans the exact kind of show they are looking for – fun, fun, fun.  Rhode Island Comic Con Day 2 starts today (11/7th) at 10 am and concludes at 7 pm.  Stay tuned for our coverage across Facebook and Instagram.

For those attending Rhode Island Comic Con today, here is a listing of the activities you may want to check out:

 Saturday’s events include:

 Buckler and McGregor: The Making of the Panther

 The Faces of Star Trek

 Under the Helmet: The Men who Played Boba Fett

 Magical Objects  Cosplay Workshop: Foam Armor

 Q & A with Neal Adams

 Ride Along with Sons of Anarchy

 The Voices of Batman

 The Weekly Pull Live

 It’s a Homestuck Life

 Spirit Connections Gallery Readings with Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice

 Behind the Masks and Uniforms: Star Wars Characters

 Everything Wrong With: A Day in the life of CinemaSins

 Limitless Cosplay: Cosplay Your Way to Self-Love

 Back into the Pensieve: Ridiculous Harry Potter Theories You Forgot About

 Cosplay Workshop: Wig Styling 101

 Explore the Supernatural

 Dealing Toys with Travis Landry

 Q & A with Jason Momoa

 Q & A with David Prowse

 Growing Up Geek: Nerd Parents Raising Geek Offspring

 Introduction to Lightsabers

 Cosplay Workshop: Hands On Molding and Casting

 Q & A with Ron Perlman

 Creating Worlds with Chris Claremont

 The Voices of Sailor Moon

 Find Your Nerd Herd

 Cosplay for a Cause

 Q & A with Amy Jo Johnson

 Super Beard Bros. Presents: The Newlywed Game

 Transformers Unmasked

 Bringing Back the Good Stuff: Reviving 90’s Retro Nostalgic Entertainment with Erica Crooks

 Who wants to be a Super Millionaire?

 Comedy Show with Ron Funches

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