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Review – Xenoholics #1 (Shadowline/Image Comics)


Xenoholics #1 Joshua Williamson (Writer) Seth Damoose (Artist)

It could be that the preview was in the back of every Image book I’ve picked up for the last month or so but I started out a little underwhelmed by this first issue.

Xenoholics is a support group for those were (or who believe that they were) abducted by aliens. The members of the support group run the gamut of possible types (stereotypes?), the rock/goth chic, the soldier, the mom, the tough guy, the ex-cop and the guy you can’t trust. Oh and the rumpled, scruffy, understanding professor who runs the group. Williamson spends some pages showing the group bonding and sharing some stories, it was well written and quite engaging and just when you start to say “is that all there is?” BOOM the plot thickens. And it doesn’t stop there.

The characters are a little one dimensional but it is the first issue and there were at least ten characters introduced, the plot and dialogue were well written and the art is pretty good, great faces and expressions and the backgrounds were detailed.

All in all it’s a good jumping off point to a series that I hope will have a lot of fun and answer at least some of the questions posed in the first issue. Guess I’ll see next month!

Man my pull list is getting huge. What are you guys reading?

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