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Review – The Only Living Boy! by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis


New York Comic Con is always fun, whether you’re a fan, pro, guest, or press everyone has at least one cool story to tell. I’ve been lucky over the years to have met many of the people whose work I adore and this year I even got to interview a few! Here’s one of my many many cool stories from NYCC 2012.
I’ve been reading comics for several decades now and when I like a comic I never ever forget it. A couple of years ago there was this website called Zuda. They ran a contest of sorts, eight page chapters, original stories, the readers vote to see who comes back with another eight.

It. Was. Awesome.

Every week I would shoot over to see who had made it through. So many of my favorites won,  High Moon, Bayou, Black Cherry Bombshells, Night Owls, and a few others. When Zuda (DC comics) put out trades of Bayou and High Moon I jumped at the chance to own them. So imagine my surprise as I walked through Artist’s Alley with some friends and there in a booth were these two guys with a bunch of different books on their table. One of which was High Moon?! To make matters even weirder my buddy Juan (co-contributor/conspirator at, find him on twitter @JuanCPineda) knows them!

I immediately finagled an introduction and begin extolling the virtues of High Moon. Both David and Steve seemed very happy that I loved it so much, and by the way had I seen their new book “The Only Living Boy”? I had seen a digital copy (a preview perhaps?) but never gotten around to reading it.

Review - The Only Living Boy! by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis

Well it was sitting right there, I had to buy it! And get it signed as well. When you have a book from a team like this you buy it and fast.

So that night (Friday) after Comic Con I sat down and read one book. The Only Living Boy. And I was not disappointed.

The story centers around Erik Farrel a young boy running from something. Running from someone. Running in the night, in the rain. Finally he can run no more. He lays down under cover and falls asleep. And wakes to a whole different world.

I can’t lie, by the first page I knew I was hooked and it just keeps getting better as you turn the pages. This is classic adventure fiction in the vein of Burroughs and Kipling with a protagonist that will remind you of Tom, Huck, Jim Hawkins and all those other heroes you wanted to be when you were a kid. I don’t know if I’d classify this as all-ages (some creatures and scenes can be a little scary) but it’s definitely a story I want to share with my kids. I think my six-year-old daughter is gonna flip over it.

This is a true 5 out of 5.

The Only Living Boy #1 by Gallaher and Ellis (Bottled Lightning) can be found on Comixology (

Be sure to follow Bottled Lightning, as well as David Gallaher and Steve Ellis on the twitter. For you Tumblr peeps there’s Bottled Lightning’s tumblr.

Oh and watch and for the NYCC interview we did with David and Steve!

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