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Review – The Defenders #1


Matt Fraction, Writer – Terry Dodson, Penciler – Rachel Dodson, Inker – Sonia Black, Colorist – VC’s Clayton Cowels, Letterer

If you read Marvel Point One (you did didn’t you?) you knew the Defenders were coming back and who was on the team, still issue 1 had some fun surprises. The book opens with Dr Stephen Strange experiencing a little morning after guilt and a feeling of impending, well strangeness.
Upon receiving a request for help from one of the biggest names in superheroing (is that even a word?) He sets out to put together a team. A team equipped to take on an enormous threat (duh duh duuuhhh).
After securing Namor and Silver Surfer the three hunt down and recruit She Hulk (Betty Ross not Jennifer Walters)and then finally non other than Mr. Daniel Rand, Iron Fist. With his team assembled (assembled? more like hanging out on a jet) they head off to investigate and take on the threat.
Matt Fraction definitely has his own vocal style for these characters and I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about it. Namor doesn’t act even a little like any Namor that you’ve seen before. And Danny Rand’s last couple of appearances have shown us a much more serious persona than we see here. I was unfamiliar with Betty Ross’ She Hulk so I really can’t say much about this appearance, kind of feels like she’s been used as the comic relief. Even Silver Surfer seems a little laid back. I’m not saying his choices hurt the book it’s just a little odd when you see these characters in other books and they read so differently.
The Dodsons’ do great art there’s no doubt about it, very well laid out and beautifully rendered. One page in particular (Dr Strange astral projecting) was especially well done.
All in all a good solid book if a little under-whelming. I hope the next couple of issues can lose the California dreamin’ feel and get down to some dramatic superheroing (there’s THAT word again).
What did you think? Have you read it? Were you planning to? Let me know.

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