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Review – Tales of Mr. Rhee – Karmageddon #1!


Have you heard of Mr. Rhee? Originally released as an online comic by Dirk Manning and artist Josh Ross, Rhee was a spin-off of the popular Nightmare World series. He is a tortured soul, a man whose history with black magic has made his life a living hell. But it’s also made him a hero.

7b17e2497af0b0ee7ecb2833e50c204f_largeI met him through the volume one kickstarter and really enjoyed the hell out of it (pun maybe intended? a little?). It’s all about the protagonist, Mr. Michael Rhee, and the life he leads. Seems when Mr. Rhee was younger he got involved in some bad magic and wound up marked and stalked for life by a demon he summoned.

Does he curl up in a little ball? When the rapture/invasion occurs does he run and hide? No he treads through the post-rapture world helping where he can, though as they say if you need his help it’s probably already too late.

This is a great character who’s been placed in some really rough situations. The plots Manning pens are sometimes horrifying, often hopeless, but his hero soldiers on. Admittedly when I first started reading (with no prior knowledge of the character and his world) I found myself scoffing at his resolve. How could anyone keep going through these adventures? But after I learned his background, and whether you read the collected volume one or the first issue of this new mini series you will get enough background, I realized that this was a seriously damaged and seriously repentant man. I don’t want to spoil this story for you but suffice to say his “teacher” in the dark arts was scum, and the things Michael went through in his care are truly horrifying.

Review - Tales of Mr. Rhee - Karmageddon #1!On to the new mini — Karmageddon takes place mostly in flashback, we get to see what Mr. Rhee was doing during the 3 day invasion/rapture that nearly destroyed everyone. Armageddon has come and hordes of demons invade the Earth, five orphans find themselves in the care of a mysterious magic wielding stranger. Will Mr. Rhee keep them safe from the demonic hordes? Can he protect them from themselves as well? The first issue was great set up and I found myself wishing it was a little longer, but the plot is on point and the art is great. I can definitely recommend this one to anyone who loves horror, action, adventure, especially with a touch of wry humor thrown in.

Issue one is available in print, at your local comic shop, or digitally from comiXology, for only $1.99

Tales of Mr. Rhee — Karmageddon #1
Writer: Manning, Dirk
Artist: Damoose, Seth
Cover Artist: Powell, Eric
Pages: 28
Release Date: September 17 2014
Age Rating: 17+ Only
Publisher Devil’s Due Entertainment
Diamond Id: JUN141155
Price: $1.99
UPC: 755918590685

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