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Review – Superior #6 (Icon – Millarworld)


Superior #6 – Creators Mark Millar (Writer) & Leinil Yu (Art)

                              ******** Spoilers Ahead ********

Wow what a great run! When I decided to write this review I grabbed the copy I had just read looked and was shocked to see that it was only # 6! So much has happened, its been such a fun book it kills me to know that Book 1 is coming to an end.

The story so far:
Simon is a boy with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) who meets a monkey in a spacesuit. Yes a monkey in a spacesuit, who offers him his greatest wish to  become Superior (a Superman analogue). Even to a totally healthy child this would be too good to pass up. He accepts and is transformed. Being the great kid he is he begins living life as his hero, saving people, performing amazing feats. This is the real world though so people are quite shocked by the appearance of a comic book hero in flesh and so is the actor who portrayed Superior on the big screen! Just when everything is moving along nicely the magic astronaut monkey returns and strips our hero of his new found powers explaining that now comes the price. Sell his soul to remain Superior or go back to crutches and wheelchairs for the rest of his days. And to sweeten the pot there’s a new threat to the people of NYC (orchestrated by magic astronaut monkey of course) and it wants Superior! What will our hero do? What can he do?

This is the perfect example of a comic that in issue one you’re pretty sure you know where it’s going but Millar skews it just enough. All the characters are well thought out with a stereotypical surface that peels away to show the depth within. Simon isn’t just picked on or a nerd he’s got a degenerative disease that has no cure as well. He becomes a super hero but with no control over changing back so as far as his family is concerned he’s simply vanished. Millar allows him two friendships, his best friend doesn’t desert him and the Lois Lane type reporter who starts off hunting for a story but we hope she’ll become more. What’s in store for Simon in the future, does Simon even have a future? I can’t wait to find out

It would be easy to say its been done before but somehow it feels fresh and I’m just enjoying the ride way too much.  If you aren’t reading this book you should be.

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