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Review: Six Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance #3


Review: Six Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance #3

East Congo 1849. His family murdered a young gorilla is brought to America as a prize, an oddity. Luckily his ownership changes hands during a poker game and his new life takes a turn for the better. Raised in a traveling circus he’s treated like one of them, he forms a new family. Then tragedy strikes again as a band of marauders uses the circus as an example, killing a few and wounding many. What those villains don’t know is this gorilla has a special skill. They’ve murdered his family twice but this time he has the know-how and the tools to take action.

This comic could have taken many paths, inspired by a 1930’s serial in the British magazine “Wizard” it ran for fifteen installments and was never reprinted. When resurrecting the concept Brian Christgau could have taken it anywhere. The gorilla could have been from another planet, a normal gorilla genetically engineered to be a super soldier, from the far future, a man’s brain in a gorilla’s body. Instead he took a better path, he’s telling a story as old as time but still fresh and gripping.

What lengths would you go when everything is taken from you? We all know what we hope we’d do.

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Issue three is the moment where the book may have become a monster movie, or a horror film, with the gorilla rampaging through the west killing everyone in his path, but again Brian makes a cool choice. Our heroes’ vengeance may not be applied surgically but the body count is kept decidedly to bad guys only. He shows us a beast with a purpose, and a soul.

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I’m loving this title. Adrian Sibar’s art is amazing, detailed and full of emotion. The story is fast paced and well executed. At first I was surprised at how quickly it was moving but now after issue three all I can do is wonder what’s in store for our hero? How will society deal with his revenge, I fear shades of Frankenstein on the horizon, folks with torches and pitchforks coming after “the monster”. Well whatever path Brian leads us down next will be a good one, he’s taken no shortcuts or easy ways yet.

Go buy this book. 5 out of 5.

And speaking of buying this book you may have noticed its lack of presence at your local comic shop. As of this moment it can only be purchased a few ways…

First and foremost head over to Six-Gun Gorilla’s website (, there you can read up on the series, read other reviews (if you must!), and most importantly buy this great book!

Here’s a link directly to the store ( you can get it in print or in DRM free digital format!

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