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Review – Scribblenauts UNMASKED #1 – DC Comics



In my Christmas video game piece I spoke about how cool this game is and now there’s a comic. Released at comic shops yesterday (Jan 22nd) this series picks up after the events in the Scribblenauts Unmasked video game. Maxwell and Lilly have return to their normal life and things seem hunky-dory. That is until The Phantom Stranger requests that they return to help his dimension face a great evil!

I assumed that this was going to be a commercial for the game. I was totally mistaken, this book is a cool stand alone adventure.

In the first issue Maxwell and Lilly run to Gotham to aid the Bat-family in a battle against seemingly every villain Batman has ever faced! And next they’ll have to tackle a Metropolis that has turned its back on Superman!

PAGE_004.480x480-75Josh Elder has crafted a fun story, it moves along at a good pace and definitely isn’t dumbed down. Except for the stylized art this could be any (all-ages) Bat story.

And speaking of the art Adam Archer and Ben Bates have really captured the style of the game perfectly, but they’ve added to it as well. Though the game is in comic book format already, with word balloons and captions driving the story, it doesn’t make use close-ups or have much in the way of facial expressions (except in the cut-scenes). That’s not the case in the comic, Adam and Ben give us fully realized characters and I feel instead of just being a spin-off the game they’ve created a really strong all-ages property that could (if allowed) flourish in a market where there are all too few of its kind.

PAGE_005.480x480-75 PAGE_006.480x480-75

5 out of 5 – If your kids are into Scribblenauts, or comics, this is a great fit.

Pick this one up on itunes, at your local comic shop, or at!

Scribblenauts Unmasked: Crisis of Imagination #1
Writer: Elder, Josh
Artist: Archer, Adam
On Sale January 22, 2014
Publisher DC Comics
Diamond Id: NOV130214
Format: FC, 32pg., COMIC
Price: $2.99
UPC: 76194132104200111

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