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Review – Revival Vol. 1: You’re Among Friends TP


Revival Vol. 1: You’re Among Friends TP


A rural noir, perfect description. Welcome to Wausau, Wisconson. It’s a small farming town that’s experienced something unprecedented, one night in January the dead. woke. up. Now I know what you’re thinking, ugh another zombie book. Not so my friends! There’s a twist! These people aren’t shambling zombies bent on eating brains, they’ve come back exactly how their loved ones remember them. Almost as if they’d never died.

But what now? How do you put people back into society who’ve been lost, mourned over, buried? How does a small town accept something so obviously unnatural? Is it God’s will? A new plague? A terrorist attack?

Officer Dana Cypress, one Wausau’s finest, has been tasked with investigating crimes associated with the “revivalists”. If that’s not enough her father, the Sheriff, is counting on her not to screw it up. What is really going on in Wausau and how many people’s lives will be turned upside down?

So yea this series started in July of 2012 so if I seem a little late to the party it’s only because I was never able to get my hands on issue 1. Image does a lot of second and third printings (as we just saw from the PR dust-up last week*) but still this issue eluded me. Having never read the first, the second issue left me with too many questions to give an adequate review.

Now that I’ve read the first arc I can give you an honest take on this series. It’s creepy, it’s dramatic, and it’s thought-provoking. There are many questions posed in the first couple of issues. Why the dead have returned? Why some are more mentally here than others? Can they die again? Funny thing is most of those questions only seemed to surface after I finished reading. It’s a very realistic book in that way, we (the reader) are really sucked into the day-to-day dealings of this situation. Tim Seeley has created a tapestry of characters you want to know more about, even if it that means it takes longer to get the bigger answers. Mike Norton’s art is superb, his soft comic book style really makes the switch to a gory panel pop. He captures the secluded small town feel nicely and his layouts are smooth and move the story seamlessly.

I can’t say enough about this series. Even though it’s categorized as horror, and there definitely are some horrific scenes, this series is more Northern Exposure meets The Twilight Zone than Dawn of the Dead. There’s an eerie “when’s the next shoe going to drop” atmosphere to the story. Every time a turn of events shocked me (wait till you get to the teeth scene) the very next page started the build back up. The tension and drama are palpable. I can’t wait for the story to continue.

This trade is great, it includes not only the first five chapters (issues) but the Free Comic Book Day short story. There’s a forward by Jeff Lemire that’s really worth a read. Each chapter starts with the original cover art from the series which I think is a wonderful touch, it really maintains the pace that Seeley and Norton have set. At a cover price of 12.99 it’s a great purchase and considering Revival #6 is due out on January 23rd you have enough time to pick up the trade, get caught up and add Revival to your pull-list!

Revival Vol. 1: You’re Among Friends TP
Writer: Seeley, Tim
Artist: Norton, Mike
Cover Artist: Norton, Mike
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 978160706659051299
On Sale December 12, 2012
Publisher Image
Diamond Id: OCT120493

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