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Review – Recipes for the Dead – Catch it Before It’s Gone!


Magical food is an idea revisited fairly often in fiction and a theme I enjoy. How much we would all like to be able to cook something that would magically change things, whatever they may be. In Recipes for the Dead, Veronica discovers some recipes for baked goods that may do just that. The question is, at what cost?

Review - Recipes for the Dead - Catch it Before It's Gone!

Recipes for the Dead is currently having a Kickstarter for issue #3. Here is a description of the book from the site:

Recipes for the Dead is a Victorian-punk-manga-ish comic series that follows the mad adventures of an ambitious baker who just wants to lift her pastry shop out of bankruptcy. Making one reckless decision after another, she attracts the attentions of a sinister neighbor, accidentally concocts a recipe that captivates demonic beings, and finds herself suspiciously much too charming to the boy who never paid attention before.

Having read issues one and two I have to say I love this book. Veronica is fun and curious, which is what gets her into trouble of course. The mysterious couple whose house she visits, Annika and Eric Scolds, are fascinating and just a little bizarre, which of course makes them even more fascinating. Veronica’s overwhelming need to make her bakery a success is understandable so her moral hiccup is something the reader can relate to. I c7ae586c5fde6227767db942a93c17a7_largeenjoyed Ein Lee’s art on the first issue. It is heavily Manga influenced and works well with the steampunk vibe but Alison Strom’s work on issue two brings Veronica’s world to life. It casts off some of the more cartoon-ish aspects and takes on a warmer, more magical vibe. I loved it so much I seriously contemplated contributing $120 for this poster print:

Until I remembered my budget!

Nonetheless I’m giving issue one of Recipes for the Dead 4 out of 5 stars and issue two 5 out of 5. I highly recommend this series and will be supporting the Kickstarter so I can get my hands on issue three as soon as it becomes available.

You can find the Kickstarter here. They’ve already hit their initial goal but they have a stretch goal they’re still working toward.

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