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Review – Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess #6


Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess #6Raven and her crew of female pirates are back on the high seas to prove girls just want to have fun and score treasure. In the newest issue from Action Lab Entertainment, “The Island of the Free Woman,” the ladies set sail for Xingtao Island as Raven continues to search for information on her brothers and the fortune they stole from her.  They split up to better cover the island. Raven leads one team to find information, Jayla, Ximena, Quinn and Zoe visit an apothecary, and Katie takes her team to gather supplies.  Sunshine is left on the ship to teach new crew members the fine art of being a pickpocket.  As they scour the island and find what they need, they are attacked and taken prisoner by a crew of male pirates on the island.

When I was given the Princeless trade paperback I was immediately impressed by the idea of an all-female cast of pirates. I had to read it and when I was done I really I thought it was excellent.  My thoughts have carried over to this newest issue.  Jeremy Whitley writes a fun and engaging story.  There’s a good balance of humor, in the interactions of the crew, and action, especially when meeting the all-male pirate crew. These women truly know how to handle themselves well.  Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt did great artwork especially with the scenes set on the high seas and the presentation of the island. Bill Blankenship’s colors were impressive.

Action Lab Entertainment is doing a great job by publishing this title.  It’s a great starting point for female comic book fans because it teaches empowerment and inspires adventure.  The characters didn’t need anyone telling them what to do or let anyone hold them back.  They came together and developed friendships over their common interest in being free from whatever was holding them back.  I highly recommend the book for any comic, pirate and adventure fan.  It’s good, quality entertainment.

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Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess #6

Written by Jeremy Whitley

Pencils by Rosy Higgins

Layouts/Inks by Ted Brandt

26 pgs


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