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Review – Princeless #1


Princeless #1 of 4
Jeremy Whitley – Story (@jrome58 on twitter)
M. Goodwin – Art, Colors                                                                                                           Jung-ha Kim – Letters
Action Labs Entertainment  (@ActionLab on twitter) with Firetower Studios

From the better late than never department, on the 30th my daughter and I were in Royal Collectibles looking through the all ages books for her usual Tiny Titans and Scooby Doo fix I happened upon this book.

It opens with a one page fairly tale, the one we all know. Princess in a tall tower, Prince comes to save her, Prince slays dragon saves Princess, they marry live happily ever blah blah blah. I started to put the book down, any dad with a daughter will tell you we have more than enough princess stuff in our lives, but before I did I flipped a couple of pages skimming the panels.

Wait, the little girl on the next page is complaining about the story? Critiquing it even? She’s telling her Mother how absurd it is? I think I’ll read on. Later when I got the book home and read through it I found a really funny interesting story about a princess, Adrienne (around 16 in the main story), who doesn’t believe in “being rescued” who doesn’t want to marry some stupid prince. Not only has she decided she doesn’t want to live the status quo she’s breaking out of her life and going on an adventure.

Lot’s of people talk about the lack of strong female role models in comics these days I think this character has the ability to be just that. My daughter won’t be reading this book for a couple of years (she’s only 5) but I think I’ll be buying the series to save for her. If the rest of the issues are written with the same positive, action packed vibe and drawn as beautifully it will be a great addition to her education. Oh also there’s a great little 4 page story Mr. Froggy (D.E. Belton, art – Jung-ha Kim, letters, colors) about what happens to a Prince who doesn’t slay the dragon and get the girl. All in all this book was a great find one I can’t wait to share with my girl, when she’s a touch older. Issue #2 is due to hit shelves on December 7th, ask for it at your local shop I think you’ll enjoy it.

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