Review of Dragonstorm #1 from indie publisher Unstoppable Comics ~ What'cha Reading?

Review of Dragonstorm #1 from indie publisher Unstoppable Comics


I saw a lot of cool stuff at Boston Comic Con, meeting the guys from Unstoppable Comics was definitely one of the high points!

Dragonstorm #1
Created, Written & Lettered by Jaydee Rosario
Cover Art by Pat O’Donnel
Interior Art Pages 1 – 9 by Joel Cotejar
Interior Art Pages 10 – 22 by Craig Shepard – Inks by Alex Rivera

Ok first and foremost this is a completely unique story idea. Check out the synopsis from

“Dragonstorm is the story of a hero who forced to raise the granddaughter of his greatest enemy. When Dragonstorm meets his soon to be protege Lillian, he has no intention of agreeing to be her mentor, only saying say in a moment of haste to remove her from a deadly environment…”

Sounds wild right? When I first heard the pitch I was intrigued but I also had a ton of questions. After thoroughly enjoying issue number one, I’m still intrigued but I also have even more questions!

The reader is given very little insight into Balagron’s (Lillian’s grandfather) motives. We know that he wants to prepare her for something, he says as much to her parents before, nope not gonna tell you, go read the book! I think the first question is why he would choose his greatest enemy to do the training. It’s a mystery I hope will begin to clear up in the next couple of issues. Issue one ends with a really good cliffhanger. The kind of twist you never see coming but makes perfect sense after the fact.

The cast of characters are unique as well. One of the mistakes some independent companies make is in their zeal to put together a superhero book they parallel or borrow too much of their character designs from the big two. That is not the case here, from Dragonstorm to Balagron to his henchmen I didn’t once find myself saying “haven’t I seen that before?”. In fact I’m still wondering, besides his fighting ability and a cool set of red shield-like wings, exactly what Dragonstorm’s power set is.

So what do we have? A truly unique story with fresh characters that is well written, well drawn and put out by an up and coming independent publisher. That is a definite home run in my book!

Unfortunately you won’t find this book on every comic shop’s shelves, independent publishers have to really push to get their stuff out there. That’s where we come in. Go to this Friday (April 27), issue one and two will be available in digital and print directly from the publisher. When you’ve read it and loved it (and I know a bunch of you will) tell your friends. Tweet about it, post a link on facebook, tell your local comic shop. Take a second to like their facebook page too.

The only way independents can thrive is if the consumer demands it.

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