Review - "The New Batman Adventures" Batman figure ~ What'cha Reading?

Review – “The New Batman Adventures” Batman figure

Review - "The New Batman Adventures" Batman figure

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Review – “The New Batman Adventures” Batman figure

Having long been solicited, DC Collectibles have unveiled their first action figure based on the animated series for Batman.  Releasing today, the first action figure in the line is Batman, as he appeared in “The New Batman Adventures.”

The action figure is beautifully packaged, similar to the way DC Collectibles packaged their Designer Series Greg Capullo line.  It’s eye-catching, it’s Batman, and will undoubtedly be flying off comic book and hobby store shelves.  The first in the line of figures that will capture the designs of not only “The New Batman Adventures” but of “Batman: The Animated Series” is already off to a good start.

The figure stands 6 inches tall, sculpted by Irene Matar, it’s based on Bruce Timm’s redesign from the darker and more angular fourth and final season.  He comes with a slew of accessories such as the batarang, grappling hook, and interchangable hands. Batman also has an interchangeable cape and, best of all, a replica of one of “The New Batman Adventures” artist turnarounds for The Dark Knight, himself.

Batman is perfectly sculpted by Irene Matar and is, quite possibly, the best animated Batman figure we have ever gotten.  It’s a perfect homage to the original Kenner line, but updated with the modern-day collector’s sensibilities.  The card is simple featuring a dark blue image from the animated series featuring Batman, Robin, and Nightwing.  Containing a translucent sticker on the bubble package with the “75 Years of Batman” logo, this is the perfect item for Batman fans and toy collectors!  It’s released just in time for the holidays and if I was more patient, this would definitely be on my Christmas list!  But I am not patient.  I like Batman.  I love Bruce Timm and the animated series.  And I’m glad I have it as a part of my collection.

Figure 1, in what looks like a long line of collectibles based off of the animated series, is out now.  It has a retail price of $24.99 and will most likely increase in value.

Find it at your local comic shop, toy store, or

“The New Batman Adventures” figure of Batman gets five out of five stars.

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