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Review – MONOCYTE 01 (IDW) $3.99


Monocyte 01 – Created & Written by Menton 3 & Kasra Ghanbari  / Art by Menton 3

I first saw Menton 3’s work at Comic Con this year (His table in Artist’s Alley was next to Ben Templesmith). It was interesting but to be honest I was more focused on Templesmith (who is completely nuts and a lot of fun to talk to at cons). Lucky for me one of the people from my LCS (Diane @ Royal Collectibles) saw his stuff and picked up a few for some of the stores subscribers (I love keeping a pull list there!). So last week in my stack was Monocyte 01.

This book is beautiful, the art has kind of an H. R. Giger vibe, the storytelling is well there’s my problem.

To be fair this book isn’t one story it’s 3 separate pieces written and drawn by different people so let’s get into it….

Monocyte – In The Land of The Blind The One Eyed is King (Created & Written by Menton 3 & Kasra Ghanbari  / Art by Menton 3) is the first and longest of the 3 stories, its Giger-esque artwork is haunting brooding dark, the story at least to this reader was almost incoherent. I have problems with overly written dark fantasy prose so this was a hard read for me. But even approaching it from that angle I still had trouble. The story switched perspective constantly and I could never really tell who (if anyone) was speaking. In a nutshell two races hate each other, one of them kills someone important on the other side. And I think one side wiped out the other? I’ll be honest if anyone out there has read this and wants to explain it I’d love to listen. Again the artwork was brilliant.

Then we have an interlude of sorts a short article on the development of armor and longbows and how that affected wars between England and France.

Monocyte – Chronicle of The Shepherd (Art -Riley Rossmo Words Kasra Ghanbari) Second story, two pages very surreal still processing this one. Yikes this stuff is dark.

Monocyte Chronicle of The Messenger (Art & Words by David Stoupakis) 5 pages best story in the book (in my opinion) Beatrice is a little girl who imagines things or at least that’s what the doctors think. Creepy and thought provoking. I loved this story.

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