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Review – Mishka and the Sea Devil from Action Lab


There’s nothing like a good adventure story. Toss in some pirates and magic and you have all the ingredients for a good romp. Mishka and the Sea Devil has all those things, as well as some fun with the art. Yet it never really goes further than a cute story.

Review - Mishka and the Sea Devil from Action Lab

Mishka is shipwrecked on an island for eleven days. Initially she can’t remember what happened to her but as her memory comes back she realizes she’s missing something. She sets out to recover it. As she travels along she gathers companions in her quest. A ghost, a tribesman and a pirate captain cat. Together they gather the items Mishka needs to complete her journey and regain what she has lost.

Mishka and the Sea Devil is a cute story. It’s definitely good for all ages but I think it’s one where the younger crowd may appreciate it more. I felt it went on a bit too long but a child would probably stay enchanted straight through. The real feature of the book is the amazing artwork by writer/artist Xenia Pamfil. Pamfil draws each of the eleven days in a completely different style of art. So different, in fact, that you would swear there were a number of different artists contributing. Of course there were some styles I liked better than others, which is always a drawback to this type of endeavor but I could appreciate the talent of the artist even in the pages that were not my cup of tea.

I’m giving Mishka and the Sea Devil 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. The story is simple but the art is worth a look.

Writer(s): Xenia Pamfil
Artist Name(s): Xenia Pamfil
Cover Artist(s): Xenia Pamfil

100 Pgs./ FC/ All Ages/ $24.99

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