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Created and Written by Mark Waid
Artist: Diego Barreto

This was the issue I’d been waiting for! Finally we get to know the Plutonian true origin! All the dirt, the true nitty gritty.

Oh wait have you read this title before? No? Okay then let me bring you up to speed;

From the book and I quote “The Plutonian was once Earth’s most powerful and beloved superhero, a wise and godlike being who defended the world against all threats. But Plutonian had a dark secret: a history of emotional imbalance teetering on madness.
And then, one day, he snapped.”

Yup snapped, just imagine what someone with amazing super powers could do to this planet if he were crazy enough. No really, imagine it. Ok now ramp what you imagined up by ten. Ten of millions of innocents are dead, the planet is pretty much in ruin. They’ve tried everything imaginable to stop him. Even when they’ve come close to stopping him it just wasn’t enough. Well now the combined Chinese and American governments (what’s left of them) have unleashed a final solution of sorts can it work?

This series has shown just how dangerous a truly super-powered being can be. It’s wonderful that Mark Waid has crafted a superhero who has truly slipped his chain, this guys not just angry he’s psychotically enraged and not holding anything back. The series is always gorgeous always edge of your seat interesting and thought provoking. Mark Waid is a true master and this series proves it. This month issue 32 hit the stands and if you’ve never read the series I say pick this issue up. After reading it you’ll want to buy the trades and read them all at once, but hey don’t take my word for it. Check this one out in your local shop today.

**On a side note this issue begins the Irredeemable/Incorruptible crossover event. Why did I only mention this now? Because after reading the issue I didn’t think it was the important thing to talk about. This was a really great issue with or without the pending (impending?) crossover. Buy it cause it rocked don’t buy it or skip it because it’s part of a crossover. **

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