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Review – Image Comics’ Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity


On to Image. Last couple of months, as far as I’m concerned, Image could do know wrong. They’ve had Revival, Thief of Thieves, Debris, and the blockbuster The Walking Dead doesn’t hurt their reputation either. So this week i grabbed Brandon Graham’s “Multiple Warheads”.

I loved Fraction, Ba, and Moon’s Casanova. I enjoyed the trippyness of it’s visual style. The absolute insanity of the story telling structure. Multiple Warheads has a really cool looking trippy visual style as well but in a very self-aware way. It’s sci-fi/fantasy done punny. Every street sign is a play on words, all the characters names are intentionally weird or a double entendre. On the plus side the art is unreal, you just want to stare at each page for hours, looking at all the intricacies. The story centers around a couple, Sexica and Nikoli,  on a road trip to see the Impossible City and all the cool and wild things they share. There are lots of good sci-fi tropes at work here and lots of new ideas never imagined in your wildest dreams but in the end it just feels over done. I kept thinking the author should stop being so clever and just tell the story.

It’s kind of a fun book, maybe I just didn’t get it. If you’re into gorgeous art with a distracting kind of jumbled story check this out. For me? Not a pick. Two out of five.

Writer/Artist/Cover Art:  Brandon Graham
Format: LIMITED SERIES (4 issue)
Publisher: Image
Price: $3.99

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