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Review Henchgirl – Just a Girl Who Henches?


2013-06-11-CoverAnother comic con find! The first time I ran across Kristen Gudsnuk, was Asbury Park Comic Con, and I picked up issue one. I liked it but for some reason it never got reviewed (too many books to review!!!!), so when I was wandering the aisles at Boston Comic Con and I saw Kristen selling issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 I felt compelled to buy them.

I’m glad I did.

Kristen is the writer/illustrator of the web-comic Henchgirl ( which besides being a very popular web-comic has also been collected in print (1-4 and the issue 5/6 double issue). So what’s it all about?

Henchgirl takes place in Crepe City (“A city once glorified for the quality of their thin pancakes, now dragged to ruin by the all-out war between heroes and villains.“) where we meet Mary Posa. She henches (is that even a word?) for the local baddie Monsieur Butterfly and his Butterfly Gang. Obviously this isn’t hard-boiled crime book, tongue in cheek is definitely the order of the day at Henchgirl. Kristen readily admits that Mary isn’t a hardened criminal, she’s the first to say this young lady has “a heart of gold”. It’s Mary’s duality that makes this story fun. She doesn’t exactly justify being a criminal, oh she definitely enjoys it more than a little (but who doesn’t dream of being just a little bad?), but she’s innocent enough that we forgive that part and root for her to balance her normal life with the only job she can seem to get.

Henchgirl - Just a Girl Who Henches? 2013-06-06 2013-06-07-pg-3

Those were the first 3 pages, talk about getting right to the heart of it. I’ve read the first 6 issues and I really enjoyed following Mary’s adventures, this book is funny, a little sexy, and a touch super hero-y. And to top it off the whole plot takes a new direction in issue 5/6, turning everything we’ve seen in the first 6 issues on its ear. I can’t wait to see where Kristen takes Mary next.

Drop by the web comic ( and be sure to pick up some of the issues in print either from the web store or in person at one of the many conventions Kristen participates in.

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