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Review: Grimm Fairy Tales – Robyn Hood #1


Review: Grimm Fairy Tails - Robyn Hood #1We don’t review much Zenescope but I think its time we should start. The Grimm Fairy Tale line has some excellent titles with some stunning art and it really should be talked about. When I received the review pdf of Robyn Hood #1 I’ll admit I cringed a little. Robin Hood is a personal hero of mine and the thought of him as a female and in current times just seemed, well wrong.

It’s not that I don’t love a female protagonist, just look through my reviews and you’ll see that’s far from the case. But Rob? Robin Hood? I just couldn’t see it. Besides reading my fathers dog-eared pocket hardcover from grammar school I grew up watching Errol Flynn face Basil Rathbone on the castle steps in that awesome duel (yea you know, that one). Though I felt some apprehension I dove in. Wow! Pat Shand has a really good story here! Now realize I was going in cold, never having read the earlier series from Zenescope, but I found the world and back story is easily absorbed and quickly feels completely normal.

“Story So far… One year ago, Robyn Locksley was brought to Myst, a realm of swords and sorcery, to save the city of Nottingham from a great evil. Lives were lost and hearts were broken, but the war is finally over. Joined by Marian Quin—a witch who has, up until now, only known the ways of Myst—Robyn returns home to New York, ready to begin a new chapter in her life… This is the story of Robyn Hood.”

Robyn Hood #1 ongoing_lowresWhat is this new chapter? Robyn and Marion have set up an investigations agency, one specializing in looking into the weird and supernatural. And as we’ve been told before “if you build it they will come”. Now they’re knee-deep in a mystery that may be more personal then they thought. Despite the fact that every character in Gft books is either gorgeous or hideous I still enjoyed the characterizations Larry Watts puts on the page. His depiction of NYC, though not 100% authentic, looks right, subway and street signs look good

Robyn Hood reminds me of the P.I. shows I grew up on in the 70’s and 80’s, as well as the more occult shows of the 90’s. Sword and sorcery in the city may not seem very original these days but this is a fun read. If these characters develop along unique lines this will be a great series to keep up with.

I give Robyn Hood #1 three and a half stars out of 5. Above average art, strong story, promising series.

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Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood #1
Writer: Shand, Patrick
Artist: Watts, Larry
Cover Artist: Valentino, Tina
On Sale: August 20, 2014
Publisher: Zenescope
Diamond Id: JUN141590
Format: COMIC
UPC: 74825243652800131

Want to catch-up with volume one first? Though this issue 1 is a perfect jumping on point I know there are some of you who just love to know the whole story, if that’s you then contact your local comic shop or bookstore and pick up…


Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood Legend Vol. 1 TP
Writer: Shand, Patrick
Artist: Watts, Larry
Cover Artist: Watts, Larry
On Sale September 03, 2014
Publisher Zenescope
Diamond Id: JUL141621
Price: $15.99
ISBN: 9781939683885

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