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Gotham Review – Episode “Selina Kyle”



“Hold me, thrill me…” are lines to the song U2 recorded for the 1995 film, “Batman Forever.” Those two lines also express the feelings many fans have and so strongly desire of FOX’s freshman drama, “Gotham.” Tonight marked the second episode of the hit new show based on one of DC Comics most popular of characters and definitely held me throughout the hour and most certainly thrilled me.
After a pilot which seemed shaky at best for most hardcore fans of the Caped Crusader’s mythology, the second episode of “Gotham” entitled “Selina Kyle” definitely took flight during this warm and humid Monday night, and rose like the bat which prompted Bruce to take up the nocturnal creature in order to strike fear into a cowardly and superstitious lot. Gotham Review - Episode "Selina Kyle"“Selina Kyle” marked an episode rich with more seeds (or Easter eggs as us fans so lovingly refer to them as) and a story which continued to chronicle Detective Jim Gordon’s early days with the GCPD, growing tensions between Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Carmine Falcone (John Doman), and the height of wretched villains that demand someone to become more than just a man; a wraith, a bat. While the episode, directed by Danny Cannon and written by Bruno Heller, continued the same uneven tone from the pilot, a walk between heightened comic book reality and believable human emotion, the show seems to have improved. As most shows need to grow and shouldn’t be scrutinized too heavily on it’s pilot, “Gotham” unfortunately is examined with eyes as sharp as the Dark Knight’s keen detective sight. It comes with the territory since the show is based on the people and city that make up the world of one of the most well-known of comic book characters, a creation by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, celebrating his 75th anniversary – Batman!
For a show that doesn’t center itself on Batman, a show that only features Bruce Wayne as a young boy, played excellently by David Mazouz, you don’t really feel as if Batman is even necessary. Sure, it’s fun speculating about villains such as the mob families, Oswald Cobblepot, pronounced “Kapel-put” (played creepily by Robin Lord Taylor), and the eventual friendship/ rivalry/ love & hate dynamic between Bruce and Selina Kyle a.k.a. “Cat” (who is played by Camren Bicondova, AND SHE SPEAKS! AND SHE’S AMAZING!) but after an hour it’s just so much fun watching these characters grow and pick apart the choices that they make that we all know will eventually lead them down a well storied path that most of us know by heart.
“Gotham”, especially by tonight’s episode, feels strangely enough like “The Truman Show” for Batman fans. You watch, almost as a voyeur, as your favorite characters are at play in a world that you know too well. You may not have a stake in it, but by all that is fun about comic books, you know the importance of name drops such as Barbara Essen and The Dollmaker. “Gotham” is certainly a show worth watching and it seems as if FOX knows that, as well. Fellow watchers such as Esteban Vasquez and Carl Haynes both received the pilot in a very warm way. Esteban Vasquez, of New York and a self-proclaimed Batman fan, said “I loved it. It didn’t feel like it was a full hour-long.” A similar sentiment was shared by another Batman fan, Carl Haynes of North Carolina said in regards to the DC Comics based show “I thought it was a great pilot episode. I’m a strong DC fan, but was still able to enjoy it.” Just released tonight is a new trailer for the whole first season. Be sure to take a look at it and keep your eyes peeled to the footage as one would look to the sky for the bat signal. There may just be a few surprises.

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