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Review Futures End: Batman – Heroes Can Never Die!


As we remember all of those fallen heroes and loved ones today, I thought now we’d be a perfect time to present my review for “The New 52 Futures End: Batman.”  A one-shot written by Ray Fawkes, with a story by Scott Snyder, it’s a book that celebrates everything that we love about Batman and everything that we cherish about our heroes.

Review Futures End: Batman - Heroes Can Never Die!

Scott Snyder, the current writer of Batman and Batman Eternal, has become near synonymous with the Dark Knight and could be seen as an unofficial keeper of all things related to him.  He’s definitely created a Batman which has become the première hero and flagship title of the DC Comics The New 52 universe, and has reached a writing status that easily places him with the likes of Denny O’ Neil, Frank Miller, and Alan Moore. Scott Snyder excels at writing Batman because he understands what Batman is and should be.  A symbol, a symbol of fear yet of hope. An icon that could be anyone if dedicated and driven enough. He gets who Bruce Wayne is. In Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of the Batman, Bruce says this – “I do it because it secretly thrills me, I do it because I love it when they scream.  I do it because there’s no choice at all.  I do it because I’m BRAVE.  I do it because I’m TERRIFIED.  I do it because I’m INSANE.”  And this is the exact sentiment that the masterful, Scott Snyder, taps into in every word he writes for Batman!

In “The New 52 Futures End: Batman” Scott Snyder has presented us with another great and straightforward Batman story. This one-shot, set five years from now, Bruce Wayne is a much more “Kingdom Come” Batman than “The Dark Knight Returns” Batman.  Very similar to the way Christopher Nolan presented him in the third and final installment in The Dark Knight Trilogy, he has a broken body from years of waging war.  He is being held together through painkillers and nanomesh, that which holds him together “like elastic bands on a puppet.”  Bruce Wayne, to the objection of Alfred, is searching for a way to stave off death and continue his legendary status as The Batman.  He needs the “Caulder Component” which is the secret to unlocking the key to cloning himself and creating enough versions of that will ensure that “Gotham must always have Batman.”

“The New 52 Futures End: Batman” one-shot this week is a celebration of sorts.  A love letter to Batman, to heroes, and to us – people who will always need the Bat (and heroes), to look up to, to aspire to, and to one day challenge us to make the world a better place!

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