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Review – Footprints Vol. 1 Bigfoot’s Getting the Old Gang Back Together!


Review - Footprints Vol. 1 Bigfoot's Getting the Old Gang Back Together!

Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, and Megalodon walk into a bar. Well, no, not exactly. Seems someone murdered Bigfoot’s brother, the Yeti, and he’s calling in markers and rounding up friends. As luck would have it he and his friends were a team once. A team of private investigators, and this case is right up their alley.

One of the greatest things about reviewing comics is being able to write synopsis like that. Doesn’t hurt when the book you’re reviewing is really good as well. Bigfoot is a private eye, a gumshoe, a shamus, living in what looks to me like our world. What’s surprising is that though people notice that he’s Bigfoot they don’t seem freaked out by that fact. He’s just your average P.I. with a past who’s about to find himself up to his neck in a case. The adventure we accompany him on is a mystery wrapped in an enigma by way of a pulpy crime team up. And what a team it is. Forty years after they went their separate ways Bigfoot needs their help to track down a killer.


Who’s his brother, why was he killed? How far will Bigfoot go to catch his killer? Joey Esposito takes his time getting there but in the right way. There are twists and turns, and some snappy dialogue. The art is tight and the characterizations are wonderful, Jersey Devil as a wise-cracking pain in the ass is great, Chupacabra is a feral but loyal almost dog-like creature, and rounding out the team with Nessie; the Mata Hari and Megladon the man (?) who loves her. Joanthan Moore’s character designs are awesome as well. Bigfoot is every inch a P.I. and using Nessie and Megladon’s normal appearances (did I just say normal?) in the story, despite the obvious size issues, was brilliant and it works. But what makes this story so good is simply really spot on writing…

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Footprints Vol.1
Written by Joey Esposito
Art by Jonathan Moore
Lettered by Adam Pruett
Genres: Crime Mystery Supernatural/Occult
Page Count: 110 Pages
Digital Release Date: October 1 2014
Age Rating: 15+ Only

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