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Review: Dream Police #1 – Noir? Fantasy? Noir-Fantasy?


This one was a hard sell for me, the cover has a look that usually doesn’t grab my attention. It’s kind of 80’s (?) I guess. This isn’t a knock on the cover art itself, the artists (Sid Kotian & Bill Farmer) are obviously talented. This is a style thing, even the title lettering just looks dated.

Review: Dream Police #1 - Noir? Fantasy? Noir-Fantasty?

But I bought the book anyway, I have a soft-spot for Straczynski and my instincts are rarely wrong. It sat in the to-read stack along with a ton of other books I’m trying to find time for until this morning when I grabbed three off the top and dug in (Manhattan Projects and some other book I didn’t get to rounded out the three).

Initially I was a little disappointed by the narration on the opening page, it was so reminiscent of the 1960’s tv show opening for Dragnet it seemed almost silly. It’s not easy to pull off “…when something goes wrong, I go to work. I carry a badge…” But again this is Straczynski right? Gotta give it a fair shake. So I persevered! Check out the synopsis:

“Dream Police Detectives Joe Thursday and Frank Stanford have been partners for as long as they can remember, patrolling the alternate universe of dreams, nightmares, and the great void beyond, an alternate but very real dimension of changelings, echoes, wisps, ethers, and nightwalkers, those who died in their sleep and wander the dreamscape forever. They’ve seen it all…”

The story jumps right with Thursday and Stanford in the squad room ready to catch a case. Right away we see that there are some oddities in the day-to-day (night-to-night?) life in the “Dreamscape”, and it’s not just the architecture. The case they catch is routine but it gets the reader into the world and introduces the players well. The 60’s cop slang and noir narration finds it’s rhythm in a page or so and definitely adds to the over-all feel of the book. Likewise the art really works, the “Dreamscape” is a patchwork of different worlds, time periods, and locales but the ever-changing landscape is beautifully rendered and the transitions seem smooth and natural.

This book is far more than it seems. By the middle of the issue you get the feeling that this isn’t a mystery involving a case as much as a mystery about the very nature of the “Dreamscape” itself.

I’m glad I picked it up. It’s a definite 3.5 out of 5, can’t wait to see where the breadcrumbs will lead us.

Dream Police #1
Writer: Straczynski, J. Michael
Artist: Kotian, Sid
Cover Artist: Kotian, Sid
On Sale April 30, 2014
Publisher Image
Diamond Id: FEB140494
Price: $2.99
UPC: 70985301601400111

Issue one came out on April 30th and issue two is due out on June 4th, want to catch up before then? Ask at your local retailer or buy issue one digitally from comiXology! Then add issue #2 to your pull-list!

Dream Police #2 (MR) Cvr A Kotian & Farmer
Writer: Straczynski, J. Michael
Artist: Kotian, Sid
Cover Artist: Kotian, Sid
On Sale June 04, 2014
Publisher Image
Diamond Id: MAR140568
Format: COMIC
Price: $2.99
UPC: 70985301601400211

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