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Review! Double Jumpers #2 from Action Lab Comics!


This month sees the release of the second installment of the four issue Double Jumpers mini from Action Lab Comics:

If you caught my review or issue one you already know I consider this to be one of the most original, most enjoyable books I’ve read. If you haven’t then click on over to my reviews of issue one, here, and here.

Don’t feel like clicking around and reading other articles? Fine! No, it’s cool here’s the gist, while debugging a new immersive dungeon crawler four minds are sucked into the world of the game, can they find their way back to the real world? Meanwhile in the real world (if you call “Las Vegas” real) their bodies have been inhabited by the game characters, what unholy havoc can these characters reek! And um will anyone in Vegas notice?

But now let’s concern ourselves with issue two. All our characters are in place, we’re getting to know the game characters quite well in this issue. Now I wondered just how much “personality” these characters from the game would have, but they’re fully realized people. Fully realized people? Aren’t game characters just a bunch of lines of script, switches designed to do A or B depending on your input? Not in this book bub! The four who wind up in Las Vegas are primed to be the “Dungeon Lords” they know themselves to be, even though they have no concept of the world they find themselves in.

Meanwhile in the game world, Milo and the others are still trying to decide if they should panic or not. A plan of escape seems to be forming, if it works. The infighting among our misplaced programmers lends some wonderful humor to a book that could easily become too “fantasy-ish”.

I’m really enjoying the game dialogue in the real world as well as having normal people running around in fantasy bodies. I can’t wait to see where Dwonch goes with the fact that two characters are inhabiting bodies of a different genders. So far he’s shown us some of the fun a girl trapped in a muscular warrior body can have, and hinted at what that warrior will do with the lovely body he’s inhabiting in our world.

It’s safe to say that the next two issues should be just as much fun, and unless I miss my guess they will be more to come from this world after the initial mini runs its course. There are just too many sacred cows that can be well skewered in this type of book.

Double Jumpers #2
Action Lab Comics
Written by Dave Dwonch (Space-Time Condominium)
Art by Bill Blankenship (Thunderchickens)
Pre-order – Diamond Code JUN120756 (August release)

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